I am sourcing really good things for this production. This production is like the little engine that could ok! We are having this damn thing turn out, even if one of the actors comes to set drunk. This is What not to do on set: The actors edition. I know, I shouldn’t think its funny, because he was totally unprofessional and really wreaking havoc on the production that day. I must have a warped sense of humor because I could not stop laughing.

Props definitely goes to the Director, he has the patience of Job. He and other crew members tried to sober the actor enough for him to do his lines (slurred and all). Even at times when he was belligerent and rude (in between making faces and singing the Debbie downer theme). The director, however never lost his temper once. He came real close a couple of times but remained professional. Like I said, I am sourcing really good things for this production! Trials and Tribulations be damned LOL!

Stay tuned for more from the little production that could!


First off let me say, I did not go to the show. I had tickets but there was a schedule conflict so I gave my tickets to my friend and colleague Broklin who does hair. She attended the show and this is where the information comes from.

Apparently my girl was quite disappointed at the lack of Hair and Beauty vendors at the event. There was only one makeup vendor and that was Cover girl. (the sponsor, so that makes sense). Hardly any Hair product vendors attended the show. There was however, Def Jam and a few other labels giving away all the free posters you could want and stand.

Even though Cover girl was the sponsor of the event there was no product giveaways from them. After you stood inline to be matched in the Queen Collection. You were to go downstairs and PURCHASE the makeup. There were a few demonstrations of the 30-minute blowouts a “panel discussion” and a Fantasy Hair Competition but that was it. Now after all of the “events” there was to be a concert featuring Trey Songs and F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s and the dream. Now, My girl Broklin was not and did not stay for that, she left and went to Macys across the street.

My 2 cents: Now I can understand this is the first “ Beauty expo” for Angie Martinez, so there will be some things that she can work on for the next one (they said “First Annual”, I assume there will be another). As a professional artist, I know my girl Broklin had some expectations. Look, when you say the word “expo” to Hair and Skin care professionals we have flashes of new product exclusives, discounts on merchandise and accessories, information on new technology and classes. This expo however seemed to be a big advertisement for the Queen Collection and a Concert with some little hair stuff in the middle. I mean, I still have yet to see pictures of everybody who was scheduled to be there (Eve? Keysha Cole? The Queen herself?) So the Angie Martinez Hair and Beauty Expo gets the “You triiieed it” of the week. Though, I am sure it will be better next time! Hey, it was the first one.


So, I am still working on the film I mentioned in a previous post for this Production company. We had a few days off for the holiday break to re-group, as that was needed given some of the mishaps that were occurring on set. Now, I had been debating with myself about telling ya’ll about my fit of rage on set. You know cause I thought that I shouldn’t share it because of how, if viewed by the wrong person, I could be perceived as unprofessional and you know...um…crazy. Then I realized some of you already know that I am just little on the crazy side. (ok a lot)

Anyway, It was a night shoot on location in a random intersection in New Jersey. One of those nights that is was really cold. Everything was going ok, I was chilling in the then Assistant Directors Van cause that’s where it was warm and where I could do makeup on the actors without my fingers going numb. I noticed that my bladder needed to be relieved and the closest bathroom was 3 blocks away so I did what came naturally.

Me: Hey, I need to go to the bathroom, okay so when you get a chance can you take me?

AD: well I am waiting to find out if I need to pick up someone or if blah blah blah but yeah, I'll take ya'

Me: (pleasantly) okay

About an hour and a half later

Me: Hey, I need to go to the bathroom

AD: I don’t know what to tell ya; I got the actors in the van now…staying warm. I'm still waiting to find out what I need to do I don’t know… I don’t know…blah blah blah

I walk away

Me: (to a few other guys on set) I really need to go to the bathroom

Them: yeah…I just went out there (points in the direction of trees and bushes and fence)

Me: oh yeah…well I’m a girl…and you know...that don’t really work for me.

Here’s were it got ugly.

Me: (2 AD). Look I need to go to the bathroom

AD: I don’t know…what to…



It was quiet on set like never before, the DIRECTOR of the FILM took me to the bathroom, not a good look on the A.D.’s part but he thought he was doing what he was suppose to or something like that. I don’t know, he quit before the end of the night. (I said a few mishaps)

After the incident of me losing it, I couldn’t stop laughing at myself, which made me look even crazier. Whatever…I had to go! and there...what not to do on set...unless you have to.


Sometimes in conversation, I get asked the “do you use M.A.C.?" question. I answer the question with actually NO, *gasp* not really*double gasp* In all honesty I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought (gift certificates not included) the brand. I guess, to put it gently, I'm over it and have been for a min. Not to mention reading Kevin'sviews really helped with my decision in no longer purchasing the products as I am one of those artist affected by the Estee Lauder quest for Cosmetic world domination.

I feel like the product is different anyway, compared to how it was when I first purchased products few few years ago. Even the last product I bought thanks to a gift certificate, left me quite disappointed and to add insult to injury, the customer service at the store I went to left a lot to be desired. (Hey customer service is important to me, my money or not). First off, that “I work for the greatest makeup company in the world” attitude some of the people have that work there is overrated and can be off putting. I mean, the artist/sales person whose make up application made her look like a drag queen made me feel like I was bothering her even though she's is at work hmph go figure. Who wants to be treated like that? Especially by someone with enough make up on for Too Wong Fu 2 My dollars are hard earned baby…and if you make my experience spending them unpleasant…you won’t get a dime of my money.

So with all of the Cosmetic giant buy outs, industry boundary stepping (read Kevin J Bennetts Blog) and the poor customer service being received, the real answer is I wont use that product. That boat has long left my kit, besides there is so many other professional quality Makeup Artist Focused Products out there...Why would I even bother with that other stuff?


PATIENCE.... I am working on a film right now that is really....uh...taxing, atleast nerve wise anyway. Although I could list all of the things that were going wrong... I choose to list all of the things that are going RIGHT!
1. I am working!
I have been putting my focus on really getting more work as a makeup artist. Paid work, let me say even though I am opening up to do more tfp work. I want to get to a point that I work 5 days a week as a makeup artist and can start to cut back on my side gigs LOL

2. I am eating! Hey...food is always good, especially when someone else is providing it. I could be spending my own money on food and I am not...thus that is something to be grateful for!

3. I'm meeting some fabolous people.....like really talented smart guys that are funny and doing the same thing that I am doing...what they love! Which always makes an experience great!

4. Networking: Always important! Hey you never know when someone will think\say...hey I know a really cool funny talented makeup artist!

5. I am getting PAID. I think this is pretty self explanatory....hello bills getting paid!

SO even with all of the ups and downs all I just have to remember PATIENCE and everything that I am recieving in abundance from this experience!

Resource: Rickys!

SO, In case you didn't know, I also do some special efx makeup. I have done ghosts and zombies, a few wounds and even an eye gauge.(eeew!) I am currently working on a film for Urban Phobia productions and they had even more special effects for me to do,(bloody neck stump anyone?) I was totally excited, I am always down for challenging myself even when I am not as experienced in creating something as I would like to be.
Here is where Ricky's comes's in, Ricky's sells all kinds of products, hair, skin care, body care, Halloween costumes and most importantly (to me anyway) makeup! I thought I would have to go to my usual store but I went to the Rickys and got everything I needed! Including like 4 bottles of fake blood that was on sale (holla!) Then on top of that...I got a great Makeup artist discount, so I got even more bang for my buck! So Rickys is definitely a place I love to shop, they have locations all over NYC , my favorite ones are on 35th and 5th and on Broadway b/t Franklin and White. They also have 2 stores in Florida. Check out there website http://www.rickysnyc.com/
for more info!

Sorry no post lately, I have had some gigs which have kept me so busy, I am forgetting to go to concerts with friends (Sorry Zeeli-pooh). First up, The Zulema Griffin Fashion show, held at the Gay Life Expo at the Jacob Javitz over the weekend. I have to say...I had a truly amazing expereince with everybody that was there and involved. Zulema's beautiful collection was inspired by Fela Kutis' (creator of AfroBeat Music) 27 wives. These women, where not afraid of adornment, and color in makeup. The makeup for the show was very colorful with exagerated shadow, eyeliner and blush. The look was then topped off with beautiful designs of white dots on the face. I will uploade photos of the actual show later, but check out Ms. Griffin's website www.ZulemaGriffin.com. to see the actual garments. Check back later for pics from the actual show!

*Special shout goes to Brooklin, Mesia, Ashinique, Victoria, Nia and several other models that waited walked to MCDonalds, talked like we' had been friends forever, then walked to the train together! That experience was so fun! I loved all of you guys energy!
I know I will see you all again!