Since...NOW! Even though I may have never connected the two before. (no shade) Angie Martinez is doing a beauty event at the Hammerstein Ballroom here in NYC!
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Theres a lot of special guests and performances and even a hair show for you Hairstylists out there. Presented by The Queen Collection from Cover Girl. Check out the website , for more information and to purchase tickets. Below, Angies Covergirl commercial.

Are you going?

The Makeup Show hosted by the Powder group is hitting NYC once again and tickets are going on sale NOW! From The makeup show website:

The Makeup Show New York 2008
Sunday May 18 & Monday May 19

For the third time the Makeup Show New York brings the industry together like no other trade event has before. The biggest brands. Top industry exhibitors. Speakers from every area of makeup artistry. New product introductions. Special Pro-only offers. Seminars, forums and hands-on workshops. The best networking opportunity in the business.

It’s a must-attend event for anyone involved in the makeup industry. Two days of inspiration, education and community building in the global epicenter of the beauty and entertainment industries – New York City.

Presented by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Pavilion -source-

I went last year, and met some really fabulous people. Tried some hot new products and cannot wait to go again in 2008! This event is one of the premiere events for professional MUA's because everybody is there teaching classes, networking and trying and purchasing products. For more information check out the site or add them on myspace!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo I love to find out what inspires people. Being an artist, I feel like I source my creativity from things I have seen, felt, tasted, even smelled. For inspiration, I love to look at flowers, nature and how colors are put together by the creator. I love looking at paintings and this may sound weird but cartoons from the 80's, girly ones that I never liked to admit that I strawberry shortcake and rainbow brite and Jem

(truly outrageous!). These are just some of my current inspirations. I am always acquiring new ones and cataloging them as reference points. What inspires you? I'm curious.

Sheckys Beauty Night out was, as an event, just okay for me. I knew it would be really consumer based and cater to that market as a opposed to professional makeup artist. However, they had a lot of products that just didnt have anything to do with beauty(in a cosmetic sense). There where a lot of jewerly and clothing designers/boutiques I felt taking up valuable space that another cosmetic company could have. I saw several ladies picking through the goodie bags and I didn't feel so bad that I missed out on getting one.

The highlight: of the night was getting to meet the other MUA's in the Meetup group that I am apart of. The fabulous organizer and co-organizer that is Genevieve and Yemi made Sheckys our first event and we had a great turn out of group members. We all laughed and talked, shared ideas and took pictures (shout out to samantha!)I am extremely excited about whats next for us as a group. I believe Sheckys was a perfect first meetup for us and it can only get better from there!. That, in a sense, made the sheckys beauty night out all the more worth it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAt first I wasn't going to do it, I wasn't going to post on Americas Next Top Model. However given the latest foolishness, I could not resist. I could not and won't even attempt to do a full out recap for you, especially since Rich over at fourfour does THE BEST RECAPS. I just had to post on Ebony straight stepping off the show like..."Tyra, I don't wanna be here" I just can't believe ol' girl just stepped off like that! I mean you kinda new something was about to fall of the shelf in her, but that completely through me for a loop so I can only imagine Tyra. I thought her pictures were really good,

OKay...some of them. I guess if you don't want it you just don't want it. OH WELL, Ambreal, I hope you use your get out of elimination free card wisely. I can only hope the rest of the show was as crazy and dramatic as I only caught the end of it when they were doing the evaluations. So I will be youtubing later on today to take in the whole show.
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I couldn't help myself.

The Myspace!

I finally got it right!!!!! I wanted to create a myspace for my blog. I was looking at all the other blogs that have myspaces and decided to go ahead and do the damn thing. This is a cool way to keep up with my developments on the blog and all of my latest post and new features. So add me/us on myspace@ and lets be friends!!!!

Earlier this year, I joined It's a website were like minded individuals organize and get together. As a makeup artist, I feel its important to know other peeps involved in the beauty industry. Here is a great way to do it!

I did a TFP/TFCD (Time for print/ time for cd)for a jewelry company named Adha Zelma. Based in Brooklyn, these sisters use culture and adornment for inspiration in all of the pieces. It was a pleasure to work with them and their earrings and necklaces are H-O-T. Now some of you may know how I feel about TFP. I don't do them often because of experiences that were um...lets just say not the ideal. So because of that, I am very selective to who I work with when it comes to that. Creative vision is very important to me, if I'm not inspired by your vision, I will pass. I don't waste my energy on anything that I don't believe in especially for free. For the Adha Zelma shoot, I worked with stylist Michelle from Style-ology , Sean with In FocusNYC and Model Bintou. Some very talented peoples check out more of there work by clicking there names. I have to say, I was very pleased with what we came up with! Check out the scans. These images have not been retouched. There are more...these are just some of my favorites.

In a goody bag I received not to long ago they had some of my favorite maybelline products. A couple of tubes of the great lash (pink n green) mascara that I always use and a silver tube called Lash discovery. I actually just got around to using it(lash discovery that is) and I like it....I like it alot!! It as a very thin brush thats perfect for getting those fine hairs some of have on the lower lash line but it also picks up some on the upper lash line. Leaving lashes clump free, and defined. Now I am not giving up on my great lash, I just think this lash discovery will be a great and useful addtion to my kit.

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So, I turn 25 for the third time today ha! just kidding. Today, I am 28. You know, I have this tendency to get real introspective around my birthday. Thinking about my life and such. My mom celebrates her birthday like a New Years Celebration and I pretty much do my own version of that. I celebrate but I also think about all the things I have done, the goals I set and how my life is different from where it was on my previous birthday. I realize that I did some really great things for what is my life right now. For example I did fashion week, I was a lead artist for the a fashion show for the first time, I designed a face that walked the runway. I was apart of so many movies and documentaries. I am even singing on someones album. I started shooting as a photographer. I got some great friends, had some very big changes happen in my personal life and you know its all apart of the great things that I am thankful for. Everything that I have and have accomplished, I am completely grateful to the creator for. So, Here's to new goals and new changes and fabulous Birthdays!!!!

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SO apparently Rimmel ads have been pulled in London because essentially they gave out right lies misleading statements about the effects of the Magnif'eyes mascara. The company boasted a 70 percent lift because of the " unique vertical life brush" that helps you achieve the photo-shopped " London Look"

Rimmel said it had developed existing brush technology by creating a mascara brush that provided greater lash lift and claimed it had tested the claim of 70 per cent more lash lift on ten female panellists.

It provided a table and a sample before and after shot, claiming the results showed the average increase in lash lift from roof to tip was 74.7 per cent.

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) said they were satisfied that the demonstration sequences were an accurate reflection of the capabilities of the product and supported the claims made in the TV ad.

However, the ASA concluded that it could not be proved the lashes weren't false - and ordered the company not to repeat the claims. It also found the 70 per cent claim could be misleading. source

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I say good...most Rimmel ads are not that great anyway. I mean Kate Moss is one of the most in demand models in the world and they make her look...blah most of the time. I mean look at the other ad campaigns she has done.

Come on have to do better at least with the photoshop damn.

So my favorite face today of the Ready to wear collections showing in Paris is John Galliano. I do love me some drama and color when it comes to the fashion shows. Especially when there is a clear point of inspiration and reference. The inspirations for Galliano collection was a documentary called Grey Gardens. *shrug, I'm gonna netflix it*
Up close it can be off putting for those that don't really know makeup but when you see it on the runway with all the elements it looks perfect!

Here is one of the looks on Chanel Iman. Check out the red jeweled lips!
photos from You can see all the shows there!

My Friend Roger Omeus, (remember that name, he's going to be famous) is self producing, directing his very first film called Finding Me. (talk about getting it done). I agreed to be his jack of all trades makeup artist I wasn't available for all of the shooting dates but for the most part we got it done. I have to first say I had so much fun doing this! Everybody that is/was involved with this film are a great bunch of people that I laughed, joked and was very happy to spend my Weekends with when I was full of Dunkin Doughnuts . j/k Check out the website and add them on myspace
Check out this video: Behind the scene of FINDING ME THE MOVIE

This is going to be a great film!

I love this magazine, they are alway so innovative and edgy. This magazine really celebrates the artistry of Photographers, Makeup Artists and Stylist. Check out these scans from their October issue

The Goal: My work will grace the pages of Zink magazine very soon!
Check out more of the magazine on there site check the archives, great images there too!