In a goody bag I received not to long ago they had some of my favorite maybelline products. A couple of tubes of the great lash (pink n green) mascara that I always use and a silver tube called Lash discovery. I actually just got around to using it(lash discovery that is) and I like it....I like it alot!! It as a very thin brush thats perfect for getting those fine hairs some of have on the lower lash line but it also picks up some on the upper lash line. Leaving lashes clump free, and defined. Now I am not giving up on my great lash, I just think this lash discovery will be a great and useful addtion to my kit.


  1. Miss O. said...

    Lash Discovery is great!

    i love the tiny brush! it gets every little hair and doesn't cause clumps like bulkier brushes do

    great blog, btw! keep it up!

    Beauty 365
    Beauty Every Day
    Beauty By Uche said...
    Thank you MISS O, by the way you are in my blog roll...and Latest obsessions post!
    Miss O. said...
    thanks so much!

    i'm so flattered :)

    Beauty 365
    Beauty Every Day

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