Its My Birthday today!

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So, I turn 25 for the third time today ha! just kidding. Today, I am 28. You know, I have this tendency to get real introspective around my birthday. Thinking about my life and such. My mom celebrates her birthday like a New Years Celebration and I pretty much do my own version of that. I celebrate but I also think about all the things I have done, the goals I set and how my life is different from where it was on my previous birthday. I realize that I did some really great things for what is my life right now. For example I did fashion week, I was a lead artist for the a fashion show for the first time, I designed a face that walked the runway. I was apart of so many movies and documentaries. I am even singing on someones album. I started shooting as a photographer. I got some great friends, had some very big changes happen in my personal life and you know its all apart of the great things that I am thankful for. Everything that I have and have accomplished, I am completely grateful to the creator for. So, Here's to new goals and new changes and fabulous Birthdays!!!!

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  1. baron said...
    fabulous.. just wait til next year... and soo MUCH MORE

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