Working: Finding Me Film

My Friend Roger Omeus, (remember that name, he's going to be famous) is self producing, directing his very first film called Finding Me. (talk about getting it done). I agreed to be his jack of all trades makeup artist I wasn't available for all of the shooting dates but for the most part we got it done. I have to first say I had so much fun doing this! Everybody that is/was involved with this film are a great bunch of people that I laughed, joked and was very happy to spend my Weekends with when I was full of Dunkin Doughnuts . j/k Check out the website and add them on myspace
Check out this video: Behind the scene of FINDING ME THE MOVIE

This is going to be a great film!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I've been hearing about this film. I can't wait until it comes out. When will it come out.
    TLA Releasing said...
    It's coming out on DVD on April 21st!

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