Sheckys Beauty Night out was, as an event, just okay for me. I knew it would be really consumer based and cater to that market as a opposed to professional makeup artist. However, they had a lot of products that just didnt have anything to do with beauty(in a cosmetic sense). There where a lot of jewerly and clothing designers/boutiques I felt taking up valuable space that another cosmetic company could have. I saw several ladies picking through the goodie bags and I didn't feel so bad that I missed out on getting one.

The highlight: of the night was getting to meet the other MUA's in the Meetup group that I am apart of. The fabulous organizer and co-organizer that is Genevieve and Yemi made Sheckys our first event and we had a great turn out of group members. We all laughed and talked, shared ideas and took pictures (shout out to samantha!)I am extremely excited about whats next for us as a group. I believe Sheckys was a perfect first meetup for us and it can only get better from there!. That, in a sense, made the sheckys beauty night out all the more worth it!

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  1. Genevieve said...
    GIRL! I love your blog. If I wasn't behind my 9-to-5 I would be able to post more! Regardless, seeing you on the grind definitely inspires me to get my act together! Thanks for the luv on the post (btw, it's Genevieve)...and I hope you can make it to the next meetup!


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