Lately people have asked me, “How do you feel about turning the big 3-0?” I guess a lot woman stress about getting old or start feeling depressed about getting older and letting that “biological clock” tick so loud in there head, it begins to drown out the sounds of them actually living life.

I’m not feeling depressed or stressed about it. I am actually looking forward to the end of my 20’s. Especially the parts of constant confusion, broken hearts and broken bank accounts, lost friendships and painful discovery and questionable decisions. Not that I am complaining about life being the way it is. I know for a fact it makes us who we are. There are just some things that came full circle around my 29th birthday and those are the things that I am looking to continue into my 30’s…


For the first time in a long time, I am surrounded by quality friendships with WOMEN. Like I have this new sisterhood that I am completely enamored with. These women are similar to me. Foodies, creative types, open, honest women who care about the FRIENDSHIP on equal terms. We enjoy each other’s company with out obligation and are growing together as women.


I hate my job sometimes, but I am grateful for it every day. I love having one that allows me to enjoy my life with a better financial picture. All the while, allowing me to finance a budding PHOTOGRAPHY/ MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR career. For once I am really feeling like my calling is here for me to expand it and cultivate it. That feels great.


You know, I love a man, and I am sure he loves me. I know though that it doesn’t mean we are meant to be. I want a love that brings with it all the ups and some of the downs but at the end of the day, its still just me and him. I am sure this kind of relationship will find me soon. I am not worried about my becoming some kind of old maid. I desire the 2.5 kids and Brownstone living but I am not rushing anything. Goods things come to those who wait. So I wait, for a relationship that is love complete.


While I could stand to lose about 20, 15lbs, all my parts still work and I am grateful. My 30’s will definitely be about taking care of them (my parts) and even shedding those extra pounds so I can be at optimum health.


Yeah right. Like they are ever completely ok. They are alive and I love them.

Life is Good. I could complain about simple shit, but really I feeling more and more like there is nothing I should be complaining about in my life. There are of course outside things that could use my voice and I am doing that. I’m getting back on the volunteer bandwagon to because life is also about contribution. What you put in it. Like a Good Gumbo. I may not have found the perfect mix, but I am at a good starting point

Its September babes! This means a change in the makeup bag. Fall usually means darker deeper colors deeper shadow and lip colors but says Pastels are the look. I may incorporate the white gold look but not really sure how the pastels will work with my wardrobe choices for the fall.

Cherry red lips are a way to go, I love cherry lips on models however on me? Anything red lip wise gets everywhere. Even when I use a stay on lip trick.

Marie says go for the full flush of blush. I love blush but this just looks a bit to "pink" f
or my taste. Maybe I will try a warmer pink versus the cool one in the

 says Golds and Chocolate Brown shadows are definitely let a look this season. I am actually a fan of this look with a nice nude lip. I think its a look I will be doing def.

What about you? What trend are you incorporating to the makeup bag this season?

Celebrate your life.

Live Your Dreams!

Gotta Love Janet. She is so EPIC!

This October she covers Harper's Bazaar.
There is a full article where she gets candid about kids, Her smile and Micheal. I particularly love hearing about how she took care of him. So sweet! See more photos and check out the article at
-Photos by Tom Munro

(* Labor day screwed me up. This is a Monday post on a Tuesday. Enjoy)

As a Professional makeup artist, I like to think one of the thing that sets us apart from the average consumer ( I use average gently babe) is the access to QUALITY products. Any of you remember when MAC was really a Makeup artist cosmetic? A time before it was in every major department store or town mall? There were rumors (and some confirmations) of the product quality being "watered down" now that it was a Estee Lauder owned brand? Well Makeup forever is now all over sephora. As one of the best products out there, I say great! Cool beans! Eye shadows and Lip pencils for everyone!

12 Color Palette now available at Sephora? HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE! Your going to make my prize possession as a makeup artist available for everyone? I give a nervous "sure, ok" to this one.
I guess I cant begrudge any consumer to be great! I just don't want the same thing to happen to a Great COMPANY that is actually more ARTIST motivated than others. How do you guys feel about this?
photo and info via

I found this Podcast on twitter via Ngozi over at HAE society.
This joint had me cracking up (a la the Jenkins twins). I love this video. This makes me wanna try their product just because they seem so fun. Oh at the end there is a coupon code when you order online. The price points are really right for my budget, so I am sure they will be for yours.
I will let you know which products I try and how I turned out, you do the same.

I have always thought Jennifer was beautiful.

Honey is "giving it"
this time in these new photos for Balenciaga!!! Photographed By Steven Meisel.
See more photos over at


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