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Note: Obsessions are things that I am currently checking for, reading, feeling or listening to. They are in no particular order and are not hyperlinked. (Google is your friend) I am sure this is just the first list for this month

So Barbie does Italian Vogue. THE BLACK ISSUE!


The dolls featured are from the soon to be released So In Style collection. The So InStyle design features more african amercian inspired features. Nevermind these previous offenders below, whose attempts at represention seem to have fell short of the mark for one reason or another.
Is it just me or do you find it odd that in 2009 are still looking for the right representation of barbie for us? I mean really? It probably doesnt deserve that much thought but barbie was my first source of inspiration (I owned Shani and Nichelle dolls).
I guess i just hate the whole closer represention idea. I mean there are so many shade of us, how can any 1 or 3 dolls be a closer representation?
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Thanks to Kattis dolls for the photos of the old barbies.

Do you Twitter?

Its an interesting phenomenon that I ventured in a while ago. Which could be the reason why I have not been blogging but that's besides the point. Follow me if you dare. I must admit though, I'm kinda random and recently a bit more censored. Its a weird thing this twitter, as I would love to fully express myself, I just don't want to hurt any feelings either. So I twitter along chatting it up with random folk. Commenting on life and talking about life and the such.

I will add a widget as soon as I find one to go with a new motif (which means, I have to find a new motif).

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So, yeah...its been a while. I keep saying I want to come back to blogging but I've been finding it harder to fit in my schedule. Between my 9 to 5 and my 5-9 and trying to get back in to having a social life, I barely can get in sleep to function. Still, I'm back again old friend to update you and tell you about the latest.
My 9-5
Freelancing, while amazing and empowering, became quite a struggle for me when the economy went downhill. I noticed more and more holes in my pockets and lets just say, I had to convince con-ed to leave my lights on a few times. I went back to my part time job at a photography studio and eventually became full time. Even though I miss the freedoms of freelancing, I don't miss not being able to hang with my friends because I was broke, or not having health insurance (even though medicaid saved the day for a whole year). The 9-5 isn't so bad either. I am still close to my favorite creative outlet(photography/Film). I still get to see my friends who work in the industry (Hey Honey!) and I still have the perk of expressing myself creatively, I just can afford to now LOL.

The 5-9
So i started the small little company with my best friend Baron.
We started as a Photographer/ Makeup Artist Duo. Then I started getting behind the lens shooting Baron and creating images folks really liked. Baron also does graphic design which made it even easier to produce great images for clients such as ADTV Season 3, Lamenga Kafi and Nhojj

Ryan of ADTVLamengaNhojj

Now there is Baron (or Pookey as i like to call him) and then there is "baron." baron. being the music artist that's about to be everywhere. I consider baron. (the period is on purpose) to be my personal client. I took my first good images of him and love working with him.
As a fabulous artist and mentor and just all out great friend, baron has allowed me my greatest feat to date. He allowed me to direct his very first music video. Yea, I can say it, I'm a director.

HA!. Needless to say, I'm proud of myself and thank him for trusting me with what his first. I mean would you trust your friend to do some shit they never did before and pay for it?
Think about it, and get back to me. So now I am in talks with other artists about there music videos and taking classes on production and film. WORD. If you would have asked me 5 years ago would I have known this is where I would be I probably would have said "Wha?" and laughed it off. I'm excited about the journey though, come what may.
Social LIFE
Soooo yeah, I noticed when I was freelancing, I had more time to do things that I like to do but usually had no money to do it with. So I would just work or look for work or find free stuff to do. Now, I'm getting out more. Now living in NYC, thats not hard to do, but finding the right mix for me has been a challenge. I've been feeling to old for this crowd and to young for that one. To urban for this one and not natural enough for that one. Whats do I do?? ( I am also getting back on the dating scene but I think that's completely different blog that I would even more so neglect.)

This time I am not saying I am back. (even though I put it on my calendar to blog weekly on mondays) I am just here to update you as I can tell quite a few folks still stop in from time to time. It been a crazy few months and just so you know, I still love makeup. I recently got my pro artist card from Makeup Forever. Which means I can really afford my favorite makeup now. LOL. I just find my life traveling in directions that is not directly related to being a makeup artist or even a freelancer which is what this blog was originally about. I realize now though, that eveb though its not about being a freelance or a MUA, it doesnt mean there is nothing to share.
Uche. ( that period was not on purpose, but I thought it was sexy lol.)