I miss this place!

I been away a long time from my blog. While I am still very into makeup, I find that my creativity has taken me in a different direction.
I have found new passions in photography, fashion and music that have allowed me to expand my artistry. Then I thought about this blog and what to do with it. Originally I thought man I guess I should start a new blog to share these new found passions (I didn't). Then I thought, I just really don't have the time to post on my blog. (Not exactly true either). So now, After careful thought, I have decided to just expand on what I consider to be Beauty and share it right here. I am still a makeup artist at heart. The other day while doing my makeup for work on the bus (thats my favorite place to do it), I realized that I had 3 mascara's in my purse. I asked myself, "really Uche? Do you really need 3?" The answer is yes!, yes I do and I need this blog to! Not only is it my outlet but apparently folks still come and read it and email me about coming back. So I am back!
Now I wont promise a post everyday but I will post when there is something awesome to share even if it is just a photo or a link!


  1. Beauty 365 said...
    welcome back
    Beauty By Uche said...
    Thanks LADY!

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