During the summer, I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a Famed Fashion Runway/Celebrity Hairstylist named Rodney Cutler.
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Rodney Cutler has a great sense of what going to be hot this Fall and since it is uh FALL you know, I felt like I could not continue to sit on the fabulous info he gave me on being an artist backstage at Fashion Week, hot looks/products for the fall and whats next for Cutler as a whole.

BBU: What kind of preparation goes into the looks that we see on the Runway?

Cutler: We’re there to represent the designer clothes, so first we meet with the designer and look at the collection to get their inspiration. Then we do a hair test that will best represent the clothes the way the designer intended the look to be portrayed. Next, we create a team for the show and make sure that they understand and can execute the look. We allow 2-3 hours of preparation time to ensure for a successful show

BBU:For fall, there were some fabulous looks coming down the runways you worked. Are the any other trends we should be looking for, that will be hot this fall?
Cutler::Fall shows- We saw a lot of braiding making a return and a lot of ponytails. We also saw glamorous looser waves while others were taking the plunge and cutting hair off with bold bangs.
Check out Cutler Runway Looks Check out Lela Rose, Richard Chai, and Cynthia Rowley shows

BBU: What up next for Cutler? New Products?

Cutler: We have an exciting few months ahead of us…We are opening Cutler/Redken Salon in the new Hotel Gansevoort in Miami Beach at the end of the year. We have also developed a Cutler hotel amenity line for the rooms as well. We just launched 2 new exciting products our Definition Cream and Volumizing Spray. We also have a Flyaway stick coming out this year and will be incredible for what we do on the runways.
Our goal at Cutler is to find a real need. When our editorial stylists are faced with difficulties we work to find the right solution and then bring it to the market.

BBU:What is the one thing every woman should do/know as far as taking care of her hair?

Cutler: Sexy hair is healthy hair, always use products that have reparative benefits when styling hair.

http://www.cutlersalon.com/ For more info on Cutler Products and Salons

The following photos are from the August 16 Fashion Show where I was the lead artist for Denim Library and Montgomery. It was a fabulous experience my first time actually designing a face for a segment in a Runway show. (Thanks Gia)I would like to shout out Team BBU; Naima, Jennifer and Crystal. I could not have done with out you ladies.

Denim Library

Slide Show and Pics From The Montgomery Segment

Me and Bre from Top Model

I got the chance to really try some great products over the summer. I used them in several projects that I had this summer including my first runway show as a lead artist. A few of the products, I found myself still using to create great fall looks for my clients right now. One of those products was the Makeup Forever Professional Aqua Kit. It came with several waterproof products including my new favorite makeup remover. Its the pencil though that really stood out for the rest. A creamy waterproof pencil that has intense color that does not require that I pass it across several times for it to show up? I am in love forever. So thus, having that one pencil, I needed more in every shade they had (20 to be exact.) I don't have all of them yet but I am collecting them. Check them out here at the Makeup Professional website or Sephora.com

Limited Edition Kit (sephora.com only)
so many colors

Look I created for Denim Library segment using Aqua pencils 15L and 7L

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After seeing her last night@ Rebel NYC, I have gone from fan to official groupie status! The woman has stage presence(not that I had a doubt, she fronted a band named Stiffed). I love all kinds of music, really anything that speaks to me, and hers does. Its this intensity in her voice, the lyrics the track, all of it. I found out that she wrote most of the album of another artist that first album still gets rotation in my music player. Res's how I do had 11 tracks 10 were written by Santi White aka Santogold. Just check her out on her myspace, add her, you know all that myspace stuff. Below is a video from Dap Magazine I found on you tube of her discussing her project and performing.