While there have been leaks from song off the album. I don't really seem to be that interested in dude this time around. I'm still a fan, but right now my attention belongs old school Hip Hop and the rapper Wale! This Ad is so dope though!

Funny Fridays!!!

I love Dilbert!

So as a child, I was in love with Muppet's. I often watched the The Muppet show and even the Muppet babies cartoon. I may have even mentioned my satin purple Miss Piggy jacket I wore until the sleeves just reached my elbows. Lately, I'v noticed this trend of semi - permanent lashes growing more and more popular amongst every day women. This Trend I like to call Miss Piggy Eyes.
Semi-permanent lashes or Lash extension are now no longer a weathy womans spa privilege. Its now available to every woman. And what woman doesn't love lashes? They have the ability to make us feel fabulous at any minute and really can set a great makeup application off. However,just like there is a day time make up and a night time make up, the same should apply for lashes.
Here is where the semi permanent lashes go wrong. I hate, HATE seeing women with way too many lashes on (i e band of lashes, single lash overload). Especially when your dressed down, with a scarf on your head walking to the corner store.
WHY?! Why do you do this? Semi permanent lashes should compliment your eyes all the time. Even when you're dressed down, not give you Miss Piggy eyes.

Please ladies, Please!
Learn to say when enough (lashes) is enough.
Here are some clues to help
you realize and avoid having Miss Piggy eyes.

1. You go to get lashes applied and they are scrubbing callouses and peeling dead skin off feet right next to where they ask you to sit down for your application.

2. Your baby sister cousin friend niece attempts to apply the lashes with weave glue.

3. People keep saying "you sleepy?".

4. The muscles in your face hurt when you blink.

5. When you go to remove the lashes, you snatch a bald spot from your lash line. (True story from a client)

I don't have any real life photo's of ladies with Miss Piggy Lashes but if you do and feel like putting folks on blast. Share, I wont say its from you. I promise.
Meanwhile, I will take a scan of my facebook, myspace friends and add photos as I see fit.