I mean really...who lit Pharrell for this photo shoot. This is the cover? Why he got to look ashy?! WTF....Pharrell is a really good looking guy and you made him look like....THIS!
Yeah you you tried it Nylon. Even if you don't put African Americans on the cover often, you could have gone the extra mile to light the boy properly.
Not feeling it.....

As we elect the first African American president tomorrow, we reflect on your memory and mission.
Dr. King, thank you for your vision.

This photo was taken after sunset in Honolulu Hawaii, Wakiki Beach During my vacation.
Hip hop can be so many things but read?

Just got back from Hawaii... Can all hotels make your feel fresh and Renewed like this one?

Brandy...why this song was not on the album huh? Explain yourself...

Trying to let my hair grow. I need to keep this list handy...

Farecast is the best way to check those flights for my next trip...what about yours?
And I think I will always be obsessed with this man (and his family, Can you say Michelle)...Mr. President