Sorry no bigger picture, but you can go and get your very own copy to check out here. I was happy to receive this in my mail the other day. Its a new way cool Magazine. With features on Billy b, Ugly Betty, The Artist of CNN and The new wave of Burlesque Beauties, it was just what the doctor ordered.
I have to say that I am excited to see a new magazine to be done by the folks I consider to be really one of the most informative (and Friendly) organizations in Makeup. Be sure to subscribe so this magazine can be everywhere in the next few months. Only 28 dollars in the Us.

From the site: On Makeup Magazine:
the first-ever magazine dedicated to the craft of the professional makeup artist and based in the beauty capital of the world — New York City!
Available four times a year as Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues, On Makeup Magazine offers 3 annual subscriptions. Price varies according to shipping destination.
Published by makeup artist resource and event producers The Powder Group, and created by a team of industry experts led by The Powder Group Founder Michael DeVellis, this distinctive pro-driven, consumer-friendly industry publication will celebrate the art of makeup like no other has before it.

I want my blog to be uber informative for Other Makeup Artist and Enthusiast alike. So I will be introducing some new features in the upcoming weeks. First up "A MODEL Obsession." This will be were we get to know some of these faces we see in the magazines and runway shows.

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Name:Jourdan Dunn
y: British
Age: total 90's Baby
Agency: Storm, WOMEN

  • Runway Debut Feb 07 Marc Jacobs
  • Feautured on Britsh as a New StarPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • Walked 20 Shows in NY Fashion Week Shows
  • Made History yesterday by being the first woman of color to walk a Prada show (Milan.) A first since Naomi Campbell closed 15 years ago ~Thanks to the YBF for the info~

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Sometimes, when I am not working or not booking as much as I would like, I scan craigslist to see if there is anything that I would be interested in doing or maybe submitting my portfolio for some of the (few) paying and (loads) non-paying gigs. I ran across this post in the TV, Film Section. Please note all words in red are my personal edits and red flags.


Reply to: why would i@

WE ARE looking for the best that NYC has to offer. Whether you are trained or self-taught? Pro or amateur, this will be the opportunity of a lifetime. We would like all types, from the uptown sophisticate to the downtown bohemian
A new reality TV show starring a fairly popular makeup artist is seeking makeup artists & makeup enthusiasts with all levels of experience to put their skills to the test for an opportunity to be taught by the best in the business and take their careers to the next level! There will be an unforgettable prize for one winner.
You must have a passion for makeup! Showcase your skills and creativity through various challenges and projects on national T.V.!
Men and Women 21-38
Please submit the following: Name, Age, Phone Number, Current Photo & A brief paragraph telling us a little bit about yourself.
SEND INFO TO: sayno names...sparethe
Show is shooting in Los Angeles for 7 weeks starting in mid-April.
Accommodations and airfare will NOT be provided for...

Now why did they get the "you tried it" you ask? Well while this maybe a great opportunity, What reality show is so great that you have to pay for your own accommodation and airfare to participate? Thats like Tyra asking Chicks who participate in America's Next Top Model for Rent... Really?!
What will be the unforgettable prize? Being reimbursed for participating?
I don't get it. If you do...please comment and explain...
If you want the actual email because you are down with this foolishness. I will send it to you...(no judgments) However This Craigslist ad gets a "You TRIIIIIIIED IT!"

So, I finally got my internet fixed and will be back to posting on the site after the weekend is over. Did you miss me? During my hiatus, I was able to really think about what I want for the site, so there will be some changes being made over the weekend and some new weekly features on movies, magazines and artist we should be seeing and knowing. I am so glad to finally be back in blogger seat again!!!!
See you soon